Big Baby - Fizzy Cola EP

(PZL170: 708527190715)

Release date: January 17

Description: I picked up the first cassette EP from this Richmond, Virginia trio at a recent Popfest (after really loving their set), so it was a nice surprise to get an email from them some time later about releasing their follow-up on Jigsaw! It was a while in the making, but this second EP of theirs (with six songs in under 15 minutes!) gleefully tops their debut! This is top-notch indiepop in the style of Velocity Girl, Seablite and Knife Pleats, with a little bit of Magnapop crunch, featuring guitars that are sparkly and fuzzy, sugary-sweet female vocals (with some male backing vocals) and of course, half a dozen really catchy songs. A sheer delight that's perfect to briefly bop around to!

RIYL: Velocity Girl, Seablite, Knife Pleats, Magnapop, sugary-sweet female-fronted indiepop


1 - Cherry Coke
2 - Tough
3 - It's Funny
4 - Hate U
5 - String Of Pearls
6 - Mid-June

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