Tongue - Too Much Cosmo's Coffee: The Complete Recordings

(PZL176: 708527200438/PZL176-3)

Release date: 10/2/2020

Okay, hands up those of you who were aware of Tongue. Don't lie... Yeah, I know: the result is the opposite of "the wave". but we here at Jigsaw are determined to right that wrong. So, this was a band that existed from 1992-94 in Syracuse, NY, and in that time, they only managed to release a pair of singles: one on Mason Ring (probably their own label?) and the other on the brilliant French label, Orgasm Records (which is how I first became aware of the band). Their sound is very of-the-time, fitting perfectly in line with the early Swirlies & Velocity Girl 7"s and what Helium would eventually do the following year: loud indie rock with female vocals and a pronounced shoegaze influence (but as filtered through an American lens). This collection contains those two singles and their sole comp track, and adds seven previously unreleased songs recorded during their brief existence - AND, if you're a cd person, you also get five additional demos! Now that you've heard of Tongue, what are you waiting for?

RIYL: early Velocity Girl, Swirlies, Tsunami, Helium, '90s female-fronted indie rock

1. That Ceiling
2. Opaque
3. Shed
4. Message From The Nines
5. What It Says
6. Here Before
7. Timber Hat
8. Perfectly
9. Net
10. Try Again
11. Fall In Place
12. Cusp
13. Dune Buggy

All songs written by Karl Myers, Gerry Beyer, Deborah Warfield, Matt Kipp, Michael Hoffman.

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