Small Black Reptile - Find My Arm

Words On Music
(WM044-3: 798304419986)
Release date: 06/23/2017
Genre: Post Punk

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Three guitars can make a lot of noise. Baltimore's Small Black Reptile, named for a Wire song, coats the urgency and atmosphere of post-punk with a veneer of shoegaze. On this debut release "Find My Arm" sizzles out of the gate, propelled by a C86 vibe and the biting anger at the abrupt end of a romance. The nearly drumless "Head On Table" drifts along on surging waves of guitar, holding until the fourth minute for the resolving pay-off. For the last three years Small Black Reptile has eschewed the live scene to focus on honing the art of the recorded song. This single documents the beginning - a first taste of an evolving artist.
1. Find My Arm
2. Head On Table

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