Photon Band - Pure Photonic Matter, Vol. 2

(DRL374-1: 708527037416/DRL374-2: 708527037423/DRL374-3/DRL374-4)

Limited edition of 300 x high quality black vinyl LP pressed at Gotta Groove Records. 

Big thanks to Dave Polster, Senior Mastering Engineer, Well Made Music for giving this home-fi psych record the love it needed to sound awesome on vinyl.

LP release date: 10/27/2023
CD release date: 6/9/2023
Digital album release date: 5/12/2023

This this the darkest record I've ever made. It's not Unknown Pleasures but it is dark. - Art DiFuria

Art DiFuria's Photon Band is back with a collection of new sound-of-1968 psychedelic pop rock songs that will make you wonder how producer Michael Nesmith kept a side band of Keef, Syd B, Peter T, and Roky E a secret.

The Photon Band often evoke that period of hard rock post-Sergeant Pepper, when things started to get serious. Rock culture was still counter-culture, the medium’s message was of new values, anti-materialism, eastern philosophy and liberation from society’s aged constraints.

No two songs on Pure Photonic Matter, vol. 2 adhere to the same formula. And yet, they somehow flow seamlessly, one to the next. No one has the gestalt of rock song craft down like Art. It’s delightful, moving and spooky to hear the many almost familiar hooks, melodies, and moods he conjures to create classic pop-rock masterpieces that somehow sound brand new at the same time. The reverence and finesse with which Art evokes the mojo of the The Who, The Beatles, Barrett-era Pink Floyd, T. Rex, Neil Young and many others makes a music head smile, cheer and hit repeat.

Side A:

1. Greetings, Precious Ones
2. I Was Free, I Was Fried
3. What's a Body to Do?
4. Out of My Head
5. Set it Free (The Energy)
6. Skin Close to the Bone

Side B:

7. When the Wind Is...
8. ...Blowing Backwards?
9. When I Fall Out of the Sky
10. Found in Space Again
11. Dude, Leave the Headphones On
12. I'm Still Me

"Pop usually benefits from being clear and shimmering. Former Lilys member Art DeFuria’s Pure Pop actually works better in its dense four-track lo-fi style mix. “I Was Free, I Was Fried” is a fist-pumping Glam rocker whose overdriven guitar lick sounds straight out of post-Dolls Seventies Los Angeles. “What’s A Body To Do?” has a load of lysergic fun with its strikes and lengthy fade-in before snapping into a wah-wah-driven Power Pop. The Who-like punch of “Out of My Head” boasts a memorable Garage-style verse before morphing into its own sparkling 1966 radio song (with an amazing solo.) DeFuria may be paying tribute to his idols, but mixing the Kinks’ wisecracking lyrics with a Jimi Hendrix-style Psychedelic Pop (“Set It Free (The Energy)”) is truly brilliant. “When I Fall Out Of The Sky” is equally massive guitar Pop bounced down to make it crunchy, and keep the harmonies crisp. However, the real secret weapon is that subdued guitar solo that matches the bittersweet lyrics so perfectly. With its weird interludes, sincere balladry, and wise organization, “Pure Photonic” is a classic Pop/Rock homage to DeFuria’s musical and emotional inspirations." - Melomania

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