Out On The Eaves - The Ride Out

Red Curtain
(RCR001-1: 697560815771/RCR001-3/RCR001-4)

Please welcome Red Curtain Records of Memphis, TN to the Darla family of distributed labels.

Digital release date: 4/21/2023
LP release date: 5/27/2023

Limited edition of 300 LP.

1. Shore Up Your Roof
2. Crossover
3. Opium Pudding
4. Red Curtains
5. Bamboo Snow
6. The Ride Out
7. Geodes
8. Complete Circuits

Total run time 33:30.

Highly navigating strong psychedelic-folk and dark horse melodic pop, Out on the Eaves is the current creative vehicle for artist Patrick Carey.

After spending many years as a poetic mainstay of the Athens Georgia music scene, Patrick crafts harrowing paths of illuminated beauty, ramshackle quests for some golden vein of purpose through form and fracture, songs to find shape in the sky to. 

A project born of pure essence and necessity, hard-woven and threaded with fine weather folk and lush sonic embroidery, Out on the Eaves became a space of prayers and shadows, of reckoning dreamscapes, like a psychedelic storm shelter without any walls. 

Patrick paired with his long-time pedal steel player and musical collaborator Matt Stoessel, (Faye Webster, Will Johnson, T. Hardy Morris) and gathered a host of strangely kind and eclectic characters to create the fabric of what would become Out on the Eaves first album, titled The Ride Out. 

The songs were then taken to Scott McEwen, (Elvis Costello, JD McPherson), at Memphis Magnetic Recording Co. and through his immaculate analog studio, Patrick and Scott crafted the final mixes for Out On The Eaves - The Ride Out.

The album carries through it a clear sequence of timeless concepts... 

A need for a home inside us and for peace within it. 

A place within us we can always come back to, and how to find peace without it. 

A bargain we make to remain independent of fear.  

The boundaries we reshape for love.

Patrick Carey currently lives, works and writes in Memphis, TN with his wife, family and friends. 

Out on the Eaves is an ever evolving and expansive airspace where songs of that voice can be heard. 

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