Momus - Yikes!

American Patchwork
(AMPATCH032: 708527240090//)

Release date: 4/26/2024

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The 2024 album from Momus is called Yikes!

Sixteen tracks were recorded in Paris in early spring, making this the first Parisian Momus album since 1995's The Philosophy of Momus. French pop naturally forms a backdrop to the songwriting, with echoes of the music hall of Charles Trenet, the chanson of Leo Ferre and Jacques Brel, and Megumi Satsu's Japanese takes on Topor lyrics in the 1980s. But there are also influences from Italian cinema — a tribute to Nino Rota, a song based on Japanese TV commercials featuring Marcello Mastroianni — and from Manchester groups like The Fall and New Order. Other tracks wink in the direction of John Barry, Disney, Eddie Cantor, the Ink Spots and Morris dancing. While many of these influences are retro, the album also reflects the concerns of 2024, with Putin menacing the West with threats of nuclear war and AI taking over people's jobs (there's even a song partly written by AI here).

The album is released in a double CD package with a compilation of oddities and outtakes entitled 20 Frisky Whiskies (the first from Momus since 20 Vodka Jellies in 1996).

Disk 1: Yikes!

1. Codependency
2. Becoming You
3. Staring a Hole
4. Before the War
5. Waterspout
6. Beautiful Human Life
7. Sark E Myth
8. Mondegreen
9. Threnody
10. Canterville
11. Chthonian
12. Nino Rota
13. It's Impossible
14. The Dinosaurs
15. A Little Rain
16. This Isn't Goodbye

Disk 2: 20 Frisky Whiskies

1. Murder in the Village
2. Panathenian
3. Make Way
4. The European
5. This is the Place
6. Midas
7. British
8. The Mosquito Song
9. The Good Person of Sichuan
10. Trump
11. Garland
12. Fuck this Year
13. Pure Selfishness
14. Charm School
15. My Rose
16. I Cat My Hair
17. The Stars are Out
18. Superstars of Bollywood
19. Slippery Life
20. Perfecto

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