Michael and Spider (Formerly Smoke & Mirrors) - The Perfume of Creosote: Desert Exotica Part 1

Carpe Sonum
(PINNA01: 660662048804/PINNA01-3)

Release Date: 07/30/20

Although each track on "The Perfume of Creosote" stands on its own, this body of work is intricately crafted to take the listener on a daylong sojourn through the desert from emboldened sunrise ("Surya, The Divine Sun") to the dreamlike, UFO-infused night sky ("As Heaven Falls from the Sky"). With repeated listenings, the journey becomes more joyful and compelling.

These unique electronic soundscapes contain elements of ambience, world music, alternative rock, lounge music, music for film, and hints of psychedelia and jazz. From the lush and romantic "Inside Saguaros" to the bewitchingly ambient "Mirage"; from the wild, uptempo, "When The Devil Was A Little Boy" to the beautiful and haunting "Tarantulas," you'll hear underlying shades of exotica inspired by such artists as Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, and Les Baxter. Instead of the tropical flavor favored by those artists, each piece is inspired by the desert–the lush Sonoran desert in particular–capturing the exotic essence of the creatures, fauna and climate.

1.  Surya, the Divine Sun
2. Tarantulas
3. Inside Saguaros
4. Mirage
5. Rattlesnake
6. Adventures Of A Pack Rat
7. When The Devil Was A Little Boy
8. Ocotillo
9. Petroglyphs & Bones
10. Thunderbirds
11. Monsoon
12. The Perfume Of Creosote
13. Riparian Oasis
14. Roadrunner
15. Rock Gardens, Swimming Pools & Barbeques
16. Turquoise & Copper
17. Sonoran Sunset
18. Pink Fairy Duster & Hummingbird Moths
19. Ring Around The Moon
20. Dance Of The Scorpions
21. Javelinas
22. Night Blooming Cereus
23. As Heaven Falls From The Sky

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