Michael and Spider (formerly Smoke & Mirrors) - Deities

Carpe Sonum
(PINNA02: 659696077829/PINNA02-3)

Release Date: 8/21/2020

This two-disc collection inspired by Hindu gods and goddesses is a mixture of surreal and lush compositions influenced by alternative rock and brimming with powerful beats that set it apart from the usual ambient fare.

Fans of Michael and Spider’s unorthodox approach to music will be delighted to discover this unique follow-up work in which alternative rock collides with ambient melodies and tribal rhythms, resulting in a collection of exotic, sensual, psychedelic and atmospheric soundscapes. Listeners are taken on a hypnotic and spiritual journey from creation to destruction, only to begin again in the never-ending circle of reincarnation. Punctuated by Ely's mystical strings and Taylor's passionate guitars, "Deities" is numinous and earthy, partnered with catchy percussions that keep one's head in the clouds and feet on the ground--most likely tapping to the beat.

This two-disc collection contains 22 tracks of dreamy, ethereal, sometimes explosive and always dramatic soundscapes inspired by the ancient and colorful deities of the world's oldest religion, Hinduism. The "Deities" soundscapes are filled with the romance and spirituality of the Far East as interpreted by two Westerners steeped in modern rock and film score sensibilities. Once again, the multi-dimensional and highly addictive music of Smoke & Mirrors beckons the listener to enter a complex and layered world laced with beauty and mystery where nothing is quite what it seems, like a lotus blossom floating between the earth and the sky.

Track List

1. Brahma, the Creator
2. Indra, the Rainmaker
3. Yellow Sapphire
4. Saraswati, the Wise
5. Garuda, the Wings of Vishnu
6. Vishnu, the Protector
7. Blue Sapphire
8. Krishna, the Divine
9. Peacocks and Swans
10. Lakshmi, the Golden One
11. Lotus Blossom
12. Rama and Sita
13. Hanuman, the Monkey God
14. Soma, the Moon God
15. Parvati, the Powerful
16. Durga, the Warrior
17. Temples
18. Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles
19. Kali, the Mother Goddess
20. Cobras and Garlands
21. Nandi, the Protector of Four-Legged Animals
22. Shiva, the Destroyer

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