D.W. BOX - Make Way for the Time Change

(DRL329: 708527032923/DRL329-3)
Release date: 07/21/2017
Genre: Pop, Electronic

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Tension, euphoria, and restraint combine to create 14 spellbinding tracks, each one rife with a complex level of intensity rarely seen in mainstream music. D.W. BOX has the production, performance and programming chops to match her vexing, unconventional pop compositions. The result; a mind-bending, purely spectacular debut record from a gifted multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer.
Recommended it you like: Lorde, Cat Power, Florence and the Machine, St.Vincent, Alicia Keys
Recommended if you like: Annie Lennox, Chrissie Hynde, Grace Jones, Lou Reed, Beyonce.
“Low-fi, haiku-like songs of lovely, heartbreaking, world-weariness that suggest Stevie Nicks singing lullabies by The Postal Service.” – Spin.com
“Though born as a New Yorker, she’s spent most of her life in the Louisville area, blowing people’s minds with her computer-laden DIY style..” – Backseat Sandbar
D.W. BOX writes music for films, concerts, and installations, with a focus on abstract formal experimentation, and pop music rife with atmosphere, visual imagery and suspense. Her most recent recording “I Got The Headache From The Dream” gained an international following after she was invited to perform on the BBC’s Electric Proms concert series in London. She is originally from Louisville, Kentucky where she has been a hyper-active contributor the city’s music scene lending her unique sound to many local and national releases, including the outstanding Louisville is For Lovers compilation series, also featuring My Morning Jacket, Will Oldham and Tara Jane O’Neil, and performing frequently at the Forecastle Festival. D.W. BOX earned a degree in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music.
The album titled “SIX” by Papa M (David Pajo), featuring guitars vocals and keyboards by D.W. BOX is now available from Drag City records.

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