Dislocation Dance - Are We There Yet?

Release date: 07/21/2017
Genre: Indiepop

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The fifth album proper by New Hormones indiepop pioneers Dislocation Dance, recorded in Manchester between 2016 and 2017.

"Are We there Yet? was recorded as a band, primarily in the (sizeable) garden shed of our trumpet player," explains founder member Ian Runacres. "The idea was to approach the songs in an organic and 'played' way, using a standard jazz kit and Jon’s old upright piano, which gives the album a natural, authentic and intimate feel."

"The album also introduces Sammy Lou, our new vocalist. This is traditional Dislocation Dance, with a female voice dipping in and out of the album and sharing the lead vocals with me and Phil. It also marks a return to the democracy of early Dislocation Dance, with all the band contributing to the sound and writing of the songs."

Slightly wild and anarchic, at times, but also gentle and poignant, too, Are We There Yet? is an eclectic mix of psychedelic indie, northern soul, lounge, jazz and folk flavours. The band are now: Ian Runacres (guitars, ukulele, vocals); Phil Lukes (bass, vocals), Sammy Lou (vocals); Jon Board (trumpet, tenor horn); Andrew Weaver (piano, keyboards); Chris Gravestock (jazz set, tabla drum, udu).

Photography by Phil Portus.


1. Songs That I Like
2. Swimmers In a Secret Sea
3. Speaking Clock
4. Incurable Romantic
5. Road to Happiness
6. Save Your Words
7. It's Not True
8. Something for Everyone
9. Before We Fall
10. Emily, Madelaine and Me
11. Terminal
12. Life Moves On
13. Find Love
14. Get In Line
15. You I Love

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