Clive Wright - Spoke

Desert Sky Music
(DSM012: 708527951224/DSM012-3)
Release date: 01/20/2012
Genre: Rock, Ambient

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After three albums with legend Harold Budd and three more solo live ambient albums, Clive Wright's first studio album is here. Spoke is a beautiful and powerful album which opens doors to hidden worlds. It is a diverse journey through poignant and liberating moods.

Clive is a multifaceted musician able to draw from varied life experience in music. He has been likened by reviewers to Robert Fripp. In addition to his obvious guitar virtuosity, which is at times very un-guitar like, he also plays the Middle Eastern Oud and Turkish cumbus saz on Spoke, which brings a welcome, cosmopolitan, worldbeat flavor to some of the compositions. Here also are electronic and acoustic drums and percussion. Spoke is an enjoyable listen for any fan of Ambient and Electronica as well as World music.

"Timeless" features distinctive keyboard from his friend Harold Budd, with his familiar warm swirls swimming behind Clive's dreamlike nylon string guitar. "You Should Know" features the hauntingly beautiful voice of Mariietta Rebekka with a purity reminiscent of Sarah Brightman. The title track "Spoke" is reminiscent of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew period.

1. A Message Of Gravity 2. Veritas In Adventus 3. Blue Star 4. Babylon Karari 5. Mes Yeux Vitreux 6. Red & Green 7. Timeless 8. 11.11.11 9. Dune Matrix 10. You Should Know 11. Spoke 12. Bonfire Of The Vanities

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