Cheyenne Marrs - Everybody Wants to Go Home

Red Curtain
(RCR002-3: 708527230466/RCR003-4)

Release date: 8/25/2023

Cheyenne Marrs is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Memphis, TN. Cheyenne Marrs stelar debut solo record Everybody Wants To Go Home is a meditative exploration of death and rebirth, relapse and recovery, and everything in between.

Recorded in the home studio of musician/producer Graham Winchester (known for his work with Memphis garage rock legend Jack Oblivian), inspiration came from not only love and loss, but from ghost stories told around Winchester’s Kitchen table. There’s a haunting quality on Everybody Wants To Go Home that invites you in track by track as the record reveals pieces of an interwoven puzzle both mysterious and soothing.

1. Hell 
2. When You Go 
3. Tweedy Bird
4. I Don't Know
5. Everything is Everything
6. Lights
7. Fortune Faded
8. Don't Ask (Only Follow)
9. Call Out


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