Causa Sui - From The Source

El Paraiso

Release date: June 28th, 2024

1. Sorcerer's Disciple  8:02
2. Dusk Dwellers  5:18
3. The Spot  9:33
4. Visions of a New Horizon  24:09


Jonas Munk
Jakob Skøtt
Jess Kahr
Rasmus Rasmussen


On ”From The Source”, Causa Sui's first new studio album in four years, the band has created some of their most ambitious music ever – simultaneously travelling through the sonic landscapes that has come to define the group's sound and pushing towards new horizons. With the four bandmember’s ties to jazz, experimental and ambient music, Causa Sui is something of an anomaly in the ever-growing European psychedelic rock scene. Always following their own path. Never before has the group's wide ranging influences been more meticulously weaved together as on ”From The Source”, from groovy Zamrock and electric jazz to floating post-rock, Sabbath riffage and hypnotic kosmische. 

The album was recorded during months of sessions in their own studio, refining each part gradually through intense explorations, yet keeping room for improvisation and favouring “magic” takes over clinical perfection. The temperament of the music spans white-iron hot & sub-zero chilled with every ebb and flow in between. Dynamic range has always been central to Causa Sui but on this set the band explores it to a new degree - every track twists and turns, seamlessly leading the listener down unpredictable paths. 

The pinnacle of the album, and arguably of the band's singular ethos in general, is the sidelong odyssey, ”Visions of a New Horizon” - a 24 minute suite in seven parts. An appropriate closing monument on the album that marks the 20th anniversary of the band this year. 

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