Bruce Licher - Exploratorium

Independent Project Records
(IP074: 761971507423)

Originally released in 2006.

Solo ambient guitar home recordings by SAVAGE REPUBLIC, SCENIC, and Independent Project founder Bruce Licher.  Recorded in July 1997 on a cassette 4-track, and consisting of layered effected guitars and bass, these recordings sat unreleased for almost a decade.  

Transferred to digital and mixed in April 2006 by Michael Krassner and Bruce Licher, these three instrumental tracks consist of layers of heavily effected guitars and bass. “Peak”opens the proceedings, a 9 1/2 minute atmospheric dronefest with shimmering guitars floating in liquid space, exploring territory similar to the closing number on SCENIC’s ”The Acid Gospel Experience” CD, “A Journey Through The Outer Reaches Of Inner Space.” “Going Home” is another shimmering dronefest, with some shoegaze-style guitar sounds and sublime melodic structures.

The EP ends with “The Penstemon Field,” a 7+ minute epic sounding like something Ennio Morricone might have written for an Antarctic Western, with liberal fuzz guitar and haunting melodies. Fans of SCENIC’s more ambient work will find plenty to enjoy on this EP, though the tracks are a bit rawer in sound than most of SCENIC’s studio recordings.

1. Peak
2. Going Home
3. The Penstemon Field

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