Blacktunic - 1NE


Release date: 2/4/2022.
Available as MP3 and FLAC.
12" EP has been withdrawn (4/15/2022).

Blacktunic is the solo project by Roby from Sweet Trip, and 1NE is the first EP. Originally recorded in 2017 and self released as an experiment, it has been remastered for an official release through Darla Records.

1NE imagines a smoky and hazy dancefloor, dark and mysterious, accentuated with faint neon lights, video static, and the tension of bodies and shadows moving slowly to the pulse. BAY OV LULL starts off from this point with its odd time signature and ethereal synth flourishes. MLTYPLY picks up the pace and inspires your nu shooz to take you to the dancefloor - they just can't wait.

RAVE bt lightens up the mood with fast dubby, almost dancehall like rhythms before turning into a 4-on-floor, electro acid thing, shADERs closes with a prayer-like trance, a solemn procession of synthesizers guided by the weight of the bass and drums to its climactic, acidic end.

1. BAY OV LULL  4:53
2. MLTYPLY  4:59
3. RAVE bt  3:20
4. shADERs  7:16

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