Atomluft - Life (A Hole, Something to Look Inside)


Release date 5/26/2023

Track 1. Life (A Hole, Something to Look Inside) 11:05

Martin Lewsley is the musician, graphic designer, artist and producer behind Atomluft, Ruby Tingle an award winning, audio-visual artist and performer.

With a shared fascination for water and wetland habitats, the pair decided to work together and have created Life (A Hole, Something to Look Inside). This beautifully haunting, 11 minute long, spring themed hypnotic electronic music piece with spoken word soundtracks the intriguing concept of Martin considering digging a pond in his back garden in the City of Hull. He then imagines it filling up with water and observing the genesis of fresh life in this new aquatic world. The pond speaks back… via the exquisite ethereal voice of Ruby Tingle.
The track was the original score to Martin’s short film, Saga of the Frogchildren documenting this aforementioned burst of creation. It has now been edited and reworked as the first release of the musical entanglement of Atomluft.
Martin’s collaboration with Ruby was so enthralling that is spawned a period of contemplation resulting in The Germination of Your Intentions, a brand new and evolutionary project with the intent to develop and release over time with a team of artists and musicians a series of collaborative singles and audio pieces. The aim is to allow the music to morph naturally into whatever shape and sonic inspiration it traverses in a holistic and enjoyable manner.
This expedition will be compiled and released into a full-length physical LP and CD and released though California based Darla Records. Let there be life.

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