Math and Physics Club - Baby I'm Your's EP

(MR066: 837101404280)

Baby I'm Yours
Nothing Really Happened
In This Together
Do You Keep A Diary?

Fantastic new EP from Seattle hipsters Math and Physics Club featuring four exclusive new songs!

Lead track 'Baby I'm Yours' is a swinging pop hit on which MAPC drummer Kevin was encouraged to break out the drumsticks instead of brushes so it's really cooking! It's a brilliant little number with jangling guitars and great vocals that will have you singing along from the very first listen and reaching for the replay button just as it ends.

'Nothing Really Happened' is a special one as it is allegedly the first original Math and Physics Club song and was (in different form) one of the four songs on the original demo tape sent to Matinée back in 2004. This newly recorded version features expanded percussion and a strong violin part from Saundrah that provides a lovely counterpoint to Charles' vocals. A long overdue release for an early classic!

'In This Together' began taking shape around the time of the 'Movie Ending Romance' EP in the spring of 2005 and was featured in live sets almost immediately. Its arrangement evolved over time and the intertwining melodies of the vocals, guitar, and violin on this recording are superb. Think early Beautiful South and you're nearly there.

'Do You Keep A Diary' finishes off the EP with a bit of a surprise. The song was written around the time of the album recording sessions last year but didn't seem to fit on the album for some reason. MAPC bassist Ethan snuck into the recording studio one day and muted everyone's tracks, turning it into a little synth-pop number that evolved over time into this brilliant version balancing electronic and real instruments along with superb vocals and a bit of a John Squire guitar explosion from James.

New songs from Math and Physics Club are always instant classics and this EP is perhaps the strongest one yet!


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