Mahogany - The Dream of a Modern Day

(DRL113: 708527011324)
Release date: 04/06/2001
Genre: Ethereal Pop, Shoegaze

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1. Movement I, 2. Chance, 3. Optimism, 4. The Mystique of the Locomotive, 5. Soleil Radieux, 6. Anais No. 4, 7. Movement 2, 8. Vista-dome, 9. Anais No. 3, 10. Red Marrow, His Sorrow, 11. On the Threshold of the Absolute, 12. Synchromie No. 1

Reissue of Mahogany's debut full length, which originally came out on core Michigan Space Rock label Burnt Hair. The one we listed as MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! It's our favorite record from 2000 and we're very happy to bring it to you now as a Darla Record.

Since 1996, the group's music has been praised by the likes of NME, Alternative Press, and John Peel.

Andrew Prinz formed Mahogany in 1995. Influenced by both the austerity of early Factory records as well as the grandeur of the dream-laden Cocteau Twins, Prinz created the signature Mahogany aesthetic that combines the robotics of drum machines with the delicacy of richly reverbed guitars, cello, and floating vocals.

Along with singer/cellist Allysa Massais and Prinz's sister, Marissa, on synth, the Michigan-based group's very first release The Dual-Group EP (Burnt Hair) received airplay in Belgium as well as the John Peel show in the UK. Following other releases on labels like Tinseltones and Liquefaction, a joint effort in 1998 between Clairecords and Mahogany's newly formed label, SIMDISC, produced the What Will Become the Key of Reason CD EP, which was highly esteemed by Alternative Press for its wonderfully crafted songs as well as Prinz's impeccable sleeve & disc design.

In 1999, the group's "In Search of the Radiant Sun" 7", released on Elefant Records, was garnered one of the best singles of the year by Magnet magazine. This year's 7" single on UK label Amberley Records titled "In the Presence of the Crepuscular", was deemed "wonderful!" and "addictive" by Record Collector. Following up on this release, Amberley has organized a 2-week UK tour for Mahogany this August, spanning from Brighton, England all the way to Glasgow, Scotland.

The Dream of a Modern Day is Mahogany's progressive, optimistic idealism made manifest. Brilliantly composed, skillfully arranged, and thoroughly expressive (from the lulling "Anais no.4," to the aptly titled "Optimism," which speeds with futuristic hope). Now based in NYC and featuring the new lineup of Prinz with singer/guitarist Lorraine Lelis a nd programmer Robert Pietrusko, work continues on the second Mahogany album.

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