Vieo Abiungo - And The World Is Still Yawning Remixes

Lost Tribe Sound
(LTS009: 708527301128)
Release date: 04/03/2012
Genre: Electronic, Ambient

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1. Man Makes Little More Than Acrid Waters (Aaron Martin Remix), 2. And the World is Still Yawning (Field Rotation Remix), 3. Thundering of Empty Promise, 4. Drowsy Salted Morning (Benoit Pioulard Remix), 5. What Lay to Waste featuring Joan Jeanrenaud, 6. Barges Bellow Their Foul Air (Sven Kacirek Remix), 7. Flotsam and Jetsam (Need More Sources Remix), 8. While the Others Sleep (Cock and Swan Remix), 9. Rash of Silver, 10. Our Racing Hearts (Skyphone Remix), 11. Feast Before Harvest (The Green Kingdom Remix), 12. Drowsy Salted Morning (Tokyo Bloodworm Remix), 13. Insincerity Peeked Through Cloudlessly (Upward Arrows Remix), 14. Still and Tepid Pools (Sun Hammer Remix), 15. With Each Forgetful Step...Progress (Nils Frahm Remix), 16. A Sad Swell (Humble Bee Remix)

Limited edition of 250 CD hand-numbered and in hand-crafted Amate paper cases.

The follow-up remix album to the modern classical epic, And The World Is Still Yawning from Vieo Abiungo (William Ryan Fritch). Featuring a star-filled roster of artists from around the world, including Joan Jeanrenaud (Formerly of Kronos Quartet), Nils Frahm, Benoit Pioulard, Aaron Martin, Sven Kacirek, and many more.

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