Various Artists - We Stayed the Path That Fell to Shadow

Lost Tribe Sound
Release date: 11/16/2018

The charity compilation, 'We Stayed The Path That Fell To Shadow,' serves as perfect representation of what Lost Tribe Sound strives to bring forth over the years with its rustic, brooding mix of classical, folk and otherwise indescribable sound. The album includes collaborations by From the Mouth of the Sun & Seabuckthorn, Manyfingers & William Ryan Fritch, Kiln & Mute Forest, kj & The Green Kingdom, William Ryan Fritch & Alder & Ash, along with exclusive solo endeavors from The Phonometrician, Luton, Spheruleus, Alder & Ash, Gavin Miller and William Ryan Fritch.

'We Stayed The Path That Fell To Shadow' introduces three new artists to the LTS roster, The Phonometrician, Gavin Miller and Spheruleus, all of which will have full-length albums on the label in the near future.

Lost Tribe Sound is dividing the net proceeds earned from the digital and streaming revenue and dividing it up amongst these charities: Union of Concerned Scientists, Rainforest Alliance, Earth Justice, Earth Island Institute, Music Minds Matter, Musicares and a small group of hand-selected eco-friendly and agricultural causes through Kiva.

We hold the belief that as our surroundings improve so does our mental health. The mental health charities we’ve chosen to focus on directly help artists and musicians with mental health related matters. We’ve had many first hand experiences with artists, friends, musicians and even ourselves struggling with a variety of issues relating to our mental well being, including suicidal thoughts and actions, abuse, addiction and depression. Hopefully the sales of this compilation will allow Lost Tribe Sound give a decent amount of funding to organizations that have a direct impact on those struggling to find their place in this world.

1. Alder & Ash and William Ryan Fritch - All Is Surprising to the Forgetful
2. The Phonometrician - The Fall of Cormoran
3. Luton - Step into the Void
4. Spheruleus - I Could Live Here
5. Gavin Miller - A Sallow Island
6. Manyfingers and William Ryan Fritch - A Threadbare Web
7. Alder & Ash - Lest the Fever Takes Them
8. The Green Kingdom and KJ - Bridges
9. Kiln & Mute Forest - Bones ov Chorus
10. From the Mouth of the Sun & Seabuckthorn - Lesser Still
11. William Ryan Fritch - Burrow

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