Skyphone - Four Colours

Lost Tribe Sound
Release date: 7/1/2019
Genre: Electronic, Post Rock

"Four Colours" is the first single from the Danish trio, Skyphone's reissue of the album ‘Hildur’, which will release alongside ‘Marsh Drones,’ on August 23rd, 2019. While ‘Hildur’ was digitally self-released to a limited audience back in 2014, LTS felt the album deserved far more attention than it received.

Our admiration for Skyphone’s music has gone on longer than Lost Tribe Sound has been in existence, beginning with the release of their first album ‘Fabula’ on Norwegian label, Rune Grammaphon in 2004. The first experience came during the Mary Anne Hobbs show, when the song “Kinamands Chance” came on the air. The music felt alive, there was a delicate warmth to it all its own. Even if the music could be lazily classified as electronic, the sonic components felt as if they’d been 3D printed, then hand-aged by a smith. It had this incredibly tactile feel to it, as if these sound objects were in the same room as us, skittering about, performing ear-bending stunts and blurring the lines between the acoustic instruments and their synthetic counterparts.

FOR FANS OF:  Dictaphone, Pan American, The Gentleman Losers, Geir Sundstøl, Boards of Canada

GENRE: Electro Acoustic, Electronic, Post-Rock, Dub, Experimental Folk

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