kj - spells

Lost Tribe Sound
(LTS032: 708527170786/LTS032-3)
Release date: 10/13/2017
Genre: Electronic, Ambient

The 'spells' CD edition is handcrafted using a heavyweight reverse printed stock, forming the cover of the 7" x 5" book-style case, complete with glass mastered CD and a download card for the spells album in high quality format (Limited to 150). Mastered by Lawrence English. Cover artwork by Emile Hengen. 

Upon first hearing the shrouded work of kj's debut release ‘wake’ on Own Records, LTS was immediately intrigued, knowing it was something to hold dear.  Not only did the album ease countless nights of restless sleep, but it urged us to find a much deeper appreciation for all things ambient, minimal and drone related. Styles LTS has explored very little with its roster, until now.

On his sophomore record ‘spells,’ out October 13th, kj throws diaphanous sounds into the wind, where they’re blown towards the violet isolation of the Southwest. We glide through expanses of country too big to name, where the sun might not set and stray thoughts press up against the horizon like cattle. These songs trace the topography of dry riverbeds and the highway’s speechless curve. They condense out of a bright morning and expand into empty air. Shapes emerge from shadow until they don’t. Voices hunt for mouths that gave them away. Lassos spin too wide. Fences collapse and dust doesn’t settle. Landscapes escape their maps. This is a record about America appearing almost as quickly as it dissolves. You’re not lost. There’s just nowhere to go.

1. safe 
2. twins 
3. cotton 
4. dawyn 
5. spells 
6. angels 
7. clear 
8. lozo 
9. we 

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