Tobias Wilden - A Path to Open Air II   [PREORDER]

(KI043-1: 645637473973/KI043-2: 4532813343556)

Release date: 6/14/2024

Journey to Tranquil Horizons: The Serene Landscapes of 'A Path to Open Air II’

Introducing 'A Path to Open Air II,' the evolution of Tobias Wilden’s 2013 album, 'A Path to Open Air.' This latest offering continues the introspective journey initiated by its predecessor, delving even deeper into Wilden's perception of nature and music. Through meticulously crafted multitrack compositions, Wilden conveys a profound connection to the environment, capturing the yearning for tranquility found in remote locales and the ambiance far removed from urban confines through atmospheric acoustic soundscapes.

Inspired by nature and landscapes, Wilden masterfully weaves together complex ideas and emotions. His pastoral ambient instrumentals gently unfold, employing acoustic/classical elements, from guitar, cello, double-bass, to even the Japanese traditional instrument Sanshin to create impressionistic musical sketches. Wilden seamlessly integrates orchestral and electronic elements to enrich his melodic storytelling. Wilden's style effortlessly oscillates between melodic allure and dissonant intrigue, challenging categorization. His intricate technicality is balanced by a delicate demeanor, engaging listeners with contemplation and depth.

From tracks like “Beneath the Stones” to “Encounters,” Wilden probes deep into hazy nostalgia with each subsequent piece. Through evocative playing, he paints aural landscapes existing between seasons and shifting moods, from the elegiac tones of “Spring Nomad” to the melancholia of “Tidelands.” Wilden's craftsmanship emerges prominently in every composition as he pushes the boundaries of acoustic guitar music, experimenting with layers of guitar to achieve a full sound without relying on alternate tunings—a notable departure from the album’s predecessor.

As the album unfolds, "A Path to Open Air II" emerges not merely as a collection of songs. Through Wilden’s use of tone and texture, he invites listeners to explore the quiet, resonating moods that lie beneath the surface of sound.

"A Path to Open Air II" will be available on LP, CD, and digital formats, set to release on May 31, 2024, via KITCHEN. LABEL. Gen Tanabe mastered this record at Studio Camel House in Japan.


1. Altitudes
2. Beneath the Stones
3. Crosswinds
4. Encounters
5. Unraveling
6. Spring Nomad
7. Tidelands
8. On the Surface


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