Janis Crunch, Haruka Nakamura - 12 & 1 SONG (Remastered Vinyl Edition)

(KI036LP: 658860337059)

Release date: 1/13/2023

Genre: Chamber Folk, Ambient, Choral

Limited edition of 1000 black vinyl LP, 4-page insert, Offset printed on premium matte paper.

“12 songs for the peaceful winters of the world, and 1 song for your soul.”

Side A

1. Solitude
2. Winter Story of Henry
3. Foret
4. Nuit
5. My Witch Song
6. Hymn

Side B

1. カノン
2. 東の空
3. Forche
4. Insincere Love
5. Requiem (Homage for Ravel)
6. Prayer
7. 12 & 1 song

Digital Download - Bonus Tracks

1. カノン (Acoustic Version) *
2. 東の空 (Acoustic Version) *
3. Elefant Tears *
4. Noel *
5. sleep*
6. A graca economica de Deus ✝

✝ previously unreleased
* previously available as digital-only bonus track on CD reissue (2013)

Eleven years after its original release, Janis Crunch and haruka nakamura’s well-loved winter masterpiece returns on KITCHEN. LABEL.

Initially released in 2011, 12 & 1 SONG is the debut collaboration album by Janis Crunch and haruka nakamura. A treasury of 13 compositions themed with hazy childhood memories and the phenomena of the winter solstice, at times tender and pure, yet at others, imbued with a sense of humanity and world-weariness, glow with the warmth of a log fire.

Janis Crunch’s warm, sonorous vocals ring bright and true above haruka nakamura’s classical guitar and soundscape arrangements. The former reveals the heart of her compositional skills of her primary instrument, in particular, her solo piano performances on “SOLITUDE” and “Reqiuem”. “12 & 1 song”, “nuit,” and “prayer” promptly bring to mind the early signature sounds of haruka nakamura. ARAKI Shin, who has been featured prominently on haruka nakamura’s 2nd album “twilight”, collaborates with the flute on “insincere love”. 

Remastered by Gen Tanabe in Japan, the reissue is presented in a 12” outer sleeve and 4-page insert, printed on premium paper stock with artwork faithful to the design on the original first press edition. The package also comes with a digital download card containing six bonus tracks recorded during the original sessions, five of which were previously made available as digital downloads on earlier editions and one of which, “A graca economica de Deus,” has not yet been released.

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