Chicha Libre - Canibalismo + ¡Sonido Amazonico! (Bonus CD)

Independent Recordings
(CDFL1608: 7509841316088)

Chicha Libre is a Brooklyn-based band founded by Olivier Conan. Its name is a reference to Chicha, which is the name of a corn-based liquor that has been produced in South America since the time of the Incas. It is also the name of a Peruvian musical genre (also known as Peruvian cumbia) on which the band's music is based. Thier new album is called "Canibalismo" and feature cumbias old, familiar and  adventurous, many of which were inspired by the bandʼs travels in South America and its encounters with the various strains of new Tropical music. At its core, the music remains a mixture of Latin rhythms, surf and psychedelia inspired by Peruvian music from the Amazon. “¡Sonido Amazonico!” is thier first release and is included as a bonus CD.
CD1 "Canibalismo"
1. La Plata (en mi carrito de lata)
2. La Danza del Millonario
3. El Carnicero de Chicago
4. Muchachita del Oriente
5. Depresion Tropical
6. Juaneco en el Cielo
7. Intermission
8. L'Age d'Or
9. Papageno Eléctrico
10. Number 17
11. Lupita en la Selva y el Doctor
12. The Ride of the Valkyries
13. La Danza de Don Lucho
14. Once Tejones
CD2 (Bonus) “¡Sonido Amazonico!”
1. Sonido Amazonico
2. Primavera en la Selva
3. Mi Plato de Barro
4. Tres Pasajeros
5. The Hungry Song
6. El Borrachito
7. Pavane
8. Six Pieds Sous Terre
9. Shipibo en Espana
10. Indian Summer
11. Cumbia del Zapatero
12. Popcorn Andino
13. Yo No Fui
14. Gnossienne No.1

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