Hermine - Lonely At The Top + Live

(LTM2476: 5024545426724)
Release date: 1982, 2006

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Lonely At the Top is the second album by Hermine, originally released on Salome Disque in 1984, and now expanded with 7 bonus tracks recorded at a live performance in Germany on 15 November 1982.

The perfect companion disc to The World On My Plates, Lonely At the Top has been digitally remastered from the original tapes and includes a detailed biography and archive images in the CD booklet. The bonus material is a complete live show including several tracks not recorded in the studio by Hermine, including her witty interpretation of Is That All There Is?


1. The Story of a Ridiculous Dummy
2. Une Autre Soir d'Ennui
3. Don't Smoke In Bed
4. Noir, Noir, Noir
5. Sleepy Feeling
6. Death of Samantha
7. La Valse de 99 Ans
8. That's the Way It Goes
9. Hollow Hello
10. Anything
11. Foxes Will (live)
12. Don't Get Around Much Anymore (live)
13. Is That All There Is? (live)
14. Noir, Noir, Noir (live)
15. Cry Me a River (live)
16. Tonight You Sleep In the Bathtub (live)
17. The Thrill Is Gone (live)
18. La Valse de 99 Ans (live)

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