Hanemoon - Mammals

(PZL172-2: 708527200063/PZL172-3)

Release date: January 24, 2020

This is the debut album from this new German band, and if you think they sound quite similar to Seaside Stars/Sealevel, then you've got remarkable ears, as this is the new project of Hans Forster of those very groups! This is a little more reserved and slightly less instantly catchy than his earlier work, but the songs are just as strong, and fit perfectly in that same vein; ie. midtempo jangly guitarpop a la later Teenage Fanclub or Real Estate. Of course, that's not to say that there aren't moments of pure pop brilliance, as the one-two punch of the album's first two tracks rank among the finest in Hans' oeuvre! This is a welcome return from one of Germany's best songwriters!

RIYL: later Teenage Fanclub, Real Estate, Seaside Stars, jangly guitarpop

01 - At The Raging Waterfront
02 - Bang The Wire
03 - Where The Cars Collide
04 - Sunday Afternoon
05 - Train Goes Fairly Slow
06 - When The Time Is On
07 - Sunset Alvarado
08 - I'd Prefer The Mammals
09 - Ghosts
10 - The Captains Daughter
11 - Write Down Your Answer
12 - Wake Up

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