Fugu - As Found


Release date: 7/31/2020

LP (White vinyl, gatefold cover + CD + booklet) 

Limited edition of 500 hand numbered White Vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve, 27 track CD, 20 page booklet with interviews, photographs & Mehdi Zannad's drawings from the recording. The French actors speak in french, the English ones (Simon Johns from Stereolab, Tim Keegan from Departure Lounge) speak english. Hand numbered obi, high quality resealable plastic dust cover and 1 sticker. 

Tracklist: 01 Here Today  02 You Pick Me Up  03 Blackwall  04 Civil Rights  05 Straight From The Heart  06 A Bigger Splash  07 I Give Up  08 Parking Lots  09 Hold It Tight (Don't Lose It)  10 People  11 The Flow  12 She's Coming Over  Additional tracks included on the CD: 13 Morning Sun  14 Here Today (Sean O'Hagan Remix)  15 Here Today (Demo)  16 You Pick Me Up (Demo)  17 Blackwall (Demo)  18 Civil Rights (Demo)  19 Straight From The Heart (Demo)  20 Hollywood (A Bigger Splash Demo)  21 I Give Up (Demo)  22 Parking Lots (Demo)  23 Hold It Tight (Don't Lose It) (Demo)  24 People (Demo)  25 The Flow (Demo)  26 Baby (Demo)  27 Folded Sun (Morning Sun Demo)

The songs on this album are so evocative of the early-mid 1970s (...). In spite (or maybe because) of its reference points, “As Found” felt so fresh & revitalizing, like a can of fizzy lemonade on Marazion beach, and it still does. While Mehdi is clearly in love with the music from this era, “As Found” is more than just an homage to the past; there’s enough genuine emotion & honesty in the songs to transcend mere imitation. It still sounds bloody marvelous. Fifteen years, eh? Where does it all go? Harvey Williams, June 2020

15 years after its first release and six years after having reissued “Fugu 1”, Mehdi Zannad’s first LP, WeWant2Wecord decided that it was finally time to reissue “As Found”, the second Fugu / Mehdi Zannad album on vinyl with an additional CD containing fifteen bonus tracks, mainly “demos recorded and played alone from 2001 to 2003 in the spirit of two of my favorite records: “McCartney 1” and the eponymous album by Emitt Rhodes” dixit Mehdi himself. In 20 years, Mehdi Zannad has published four albums and a dozen singles, either under the alias Fugu (a handful of singles and the albums "Fugu 1" in 2000 on Ici D'Ailleurs - reissued in 2014 by WeWant2Wecord- and "As Found" on 3rd Side in 2005), either under his own name (the album "Fugue" in 2011 on 3rd Side, the EP "L'Architecte de Saint-Gaudens" in 2016 on Entreprise) or with The Last Detail (album in 2018, EP in 2019 on Elefant Records). In addition to his musical activities, Mehdi is an architectural designer and illustrator.

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