French Impressionists, The - Fete

(LTM2471: 5024545484328)
Release date: 10/29/2007
Genre: Jazz

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In 2007 pianist and sonwriter Malcolm Fisher gathered together a new group of French Impressionists, including singers Cressida Jenkins, Sara Cicenia and Alberto Antoniazzi, as well as multi-media artist Sally Titterington.

The resulting album offers a beguiling mix of jazz, lieder, tone poems and modern piano composition. Several lyrics are based on texts by the poets Amelia Rosselli and William Blake.

The CD booklet features images by Malcolm Fisher, and cover art by Moderne.


1. Fête
2. Metal Bird
3. A Pretty Rose Tree
4. Angel Blues
5. Madelaine
6. Indiscretion
7. The Chimney Sweeper
8. Just Take a Moment
9. Dress
10. Nobody Tells You
11. Silk Gleaming As
12. Red Silver Gold
13. Exit the Emperor
14. View
15. Se Nella Luce
16. l'Infelice Luna
17. Se Per un Canto
18. Lotus
19. Sail You On
20. Lips
21. Haiku
22. My Guardian Angel

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