Fjordne - Moonlit Invocations

White Paddy Mountain
(wpmc021: 4941135980514)
Release date: 05/07/2015
Genre: Electronic

Moonlit Invocations are expressed awe to all the world, including the beauty and ugliness. He focused piano jazz on this album against the twist of a field of subtle electronics. Moonlit Invocations is homage for 60s Jazz. Dense structure and beautiful harmony creates a depth to his compositions and moreover a profound sense of the personal. The piano solo colors are most intimate, honed to evocative perfection with each sampling beat of 60s Jazz records bringing its own texture. This album promises not just an aural treat but a visual experience into a labyrinth.

01 Cloiste
02 Rejoice; Moon
03 Glati
04 Autumn; Wind
05 Reverends
06 Coenbiac
07 Capsella
08 Forseen Licht
09 Behind Exquisite, Tragic

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