Fawns of Love - Permanent

Test Pattern
(TPR017: 708527180754/TPR017-3: )
Release date: 1/18/2019
Genre: Dream pop

Limited Edition of 300.
Fawns of Love start the new year off right with the release of their highly anticipated new LP titled Permanent.  Mixed and mastered by Josiah Mazzaschi (whose credits include The Jesus & Mary Chain and Built to Spill), Husband and wife duo Jenny & Joseph Andreotti's second full length release takes their golden era dream pop sound to it's highest level yet. Stand out tracks like Someday, Mournful Eyes, and December showcase Jenny's angelic vocals and ear worm melodies over Joseph's hook filled guitar lines and driving vintage drum machine beats that are destined for the dance floor.

1. Someday        
2. December        
3. Horoscope     
4. Permanent      
5. Mournful Eyes 
6. Divine               
7. Anarchy & Kisses 
8. Wasted Days

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