Youdometoo - Heart Skips A Beat

(ELE309: 8428846403090)

Numbered limited edition of 500. Clear vinyl with download.

Nat De Abreu and Luna May met on a social network in 2011, and decided that a country as big as Brazil shouldn’t be an obstacle for them to meet and begin making music. In that first meeting, they made “Heart Skips a Beat”, the song that opens their Elefant Records debut, and which they recorded a video for themselves. The video lets us in on all of the duo’s peculiarities: an imaginary world, taken from a Todd Solondz movie, spontaneity and unpredictability, playful pop, recycled and hand-made instruments, unusual clothes that seem to be taken out of a fable, and infinite smiles. “Love Holds My Hands” is like Pascal Comelade was pushed back toward childhood by Regina Spektor or Kimya Dawson, as if COCO ROSIE had finally discovered that toys are for playing and having fun, not experimenting. A marvelous chorus, which once again demonstrates this duo’s incomparable capacity to makes songs that knock the wind out of us. “Rainbow’s End” continues to use love as an engine for excitement and happiness, and it’s yet another one of those solid songs that you just can’t resist singing at the top of your lungs, with the duo accentuating the contrasting play of their voices, taking it to sublime levels. To close, “Leaving You” uses Pacman as a metaphor to explain growing up, leaving childhood behind, acquiring responsibilities, with truly marvelous lyrics which could have worked perfectly as the music for the end of “Toy Story 3”, and which defines them as perfect composers of unforgettable pop melodies. They are without a doubt a band to watch, from a country that promises big news soon, thanks to new recording technologies.
“While he was writing his own songs, she was writing poetry. In love with photography, she created her stories while he drew his thoughts on the walls of his room. He sang enclosed in a small closet and she, alone, played midnight concerts on the stairs of the building where she lived. She played the imaginary drums while he made his own instruments… She made very different things all the same and the same things very different… until they met and realized that together they could be one, but double. Together now, they are two people, two personalities, two voices, and, more than that, a shared dream: *YouDoMeToo*”

TRACKLIST: 01. Heart Skips A Beat 02. Love Holds My Hands 03. Rainbow’s End 04. Leaving You

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