Edena Gardens - Live Momentum

El Paraiso

Release date: 4/21/2023

1. Veil (Live) 10:59
2. Now Here Nowhere (Live) 7:03
3. Live Momentum (Live) 17:00

Jakob Skøtt, Martin Rude, Nicklas Sørensen

Edena Gardens first ever concert captured live. Until now, Edena Gardens has embraced the zoned-out quality of more or less introspective tracks. While studio albums are based on improvisations honed into tracks that fit together on an album, live Edena Gardens is another beast altogether. There’s a rawness to the tracks, without ever getting decidedly heavy - a quality which shows why the trio’s main acts Causa Sui & Papir have been redefining the European psychedelic underground for over a decade. The A-side exposes re-renderings of 1 track from each of the band’s studio albums. The live versions both have a harder edge and a unique spontaneous live energy. It displays that Edena Gardens are not all about musical meditation, but that they also know how to rock. But it’s on the B-side where we get into the deep end. Here, we’re getting the full uninhibited version of Edena Gardens. A free-flowing yet exact 17-minute track, which starts out in a funky stoner jazz vibe, which somehow crescendos into an extended free-jazz-passage, finally culminating in an ending that’s as much psychedelic krautrock as it is 90’s rockism, winding itself down into it’s own doom. It makes sense that a band that feeds on impulses would release their very first show.

Recorded at the Jaiyede Jazz festival 2022, Oct. 22nd at theatre Momentum in Odense, Denmark.

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