Causa Sui - Loppen 2021

El Paraiso

Release date: 9/29/2023

Some of Causa Sui's heaviest, most psychedelic tunes recorded live at Loppen - a legendary Copenhagen venue, located in the famous - and infamous - Freetown Christiania commune. This is the sound of Causa Sui at their home turf, stretching out and exploring eight epic fan-favourites from their entire catalogue in front of a small crowd of 400 people in a packed sold-out venue. The show was recorded the first week that Covid restrictions were lifted on venues in Denmark, which called for an especially buzzing night, even for a band that has exclusively played no more than a handful of shows each year since their 2005 debut. Each Causa Sui show is unique. Here we're offered a different perspective of the band's music - it's looser, more free-flowing, and some tracks are warped into something far from their original versions, bouncing off the wooden beams on the low ceiling of Loppen with renewed energy. At one point you can hear the band calling to take a breather and let some air inside the sauna-like temperature of the show, which just weeks before seemed impossible. Loppen 2021 offers a complete set from start to finish, so since chances that you’ll catch the band live in person are slim, this is the next best thing.

1. The Juice (Live at Loppen 2021)
2. Mondo Buzzo (Live at Loppen 2021)
3. Under The Spell (Live at Loppen 2021)
4. Homage (Live at Loppen 2021)
5. El Fuego (Live at Loppen 2021)
6. Mireille (Live at Loppen 2021)
7. Ju-Ju Blues (Live at Loppen 2021)
8. El Paraiso (Live at Loppen 2021)

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