Erik Satie - Avant-Dernieres Pensees: Selected Piano Works, Vol. 1

(LTM2501: 5024545467420)

LTM is proud to present a new CD in our series by visionary French composer Erik Satie (1866-1925), following the success of previous releases including Vexations, Socrate and Dada Works, which present selected Satie recordings with explicit links to the unconventional, the mystic and the avant-garde. Avant-Dernières Pensées: Selected Piano Works features several of Satie’s best known compositions, including the famously poised Trois Gymnopédies, all six haunting Gnossiennes and Je te veux, as well as more experimental pieces such as Descriptions automatiques, Avant-dernières pensées and Sports et divertissements, an extraordinary collection of 21 miniatures from 1914 with illustrations by Charles Martin. Also included is Satie’s single-act, neo-Dada lyric comedy Le Piège de Médusa, comprising ‘seven tiny dances for Jonah the Monkey’ and illustrated by the Cubist painter Georges Braque. The 46 pieces on this 72 minute CD are performed by pianist Bojan Gorisek. The booklet includes archive images and detailed liner notes by James Hayward.

Also available by Erik Satie on LTM: Vexations (LTMCD 2389) Cocteau, Satie & Les Six (LTMCD 2402) Socrate / Melodies (LTMCD 2459) Musique de la Rose + Croix (LTMCD 2469) Dada Works & Entr’actes (LTMCD 2424) Cubist Works 1913-24 (LTMCD 2406)
1. Trois Gymnopédies 9:00
2. Gnossiennes 1-7 18:30
3. Je Te Veux/Caresse 7:30
4. Musiques Intimes Et Secrètes 3:0
5. Embryos Desséchés 5:15
6. Le Piège De Méduse 3:30
7. Descriptions Automatiques 3:21
8. Sports Et Divertissements 15:00
9. Avant-Dernières Pensées 2:54

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