Electric Pop Group, The - Seconds

(MRCD053: 884501256209)

Sensational sophomore album from Swedish pop heroes The Electric Pop Group!  Following the success of the band’s self-released debut in 2006 and the very well received ‘Sunrise’ EP for Matinée in 2008, the band is back with ten magnificent new recordings that solidify their status as heir apparent to the pop throne once held by Matinée favorites Harper Lee and Sarah Records legends Brighter.

The new album ‘Seconds’ is a study in multilayered, shimmering pop featuring jangling electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and prominent keyboards plus rich bursts of tambourine, strings and other nice instrumentation. Among the album’s highlights, lead track ‘Not By Another’ is a melodic love song with chiming guitars, while ‘Out Of Sight’ mixes keyboards and guitars in an infectious pop hit with fantastic vocals and a soaring chorus.

One of the newest songs on the album, ‘The Way It Used To Do’ is catchy, continental pop with keyboards, jangling guitars, and an addictive chorus that recalls early Acid House Kings.   Meanwhile, the band demonstrates it can also deliver modern shoegaze classics with ‘The Best of Times’ showcasing a muti-layered, hazy melancholy with hypnotic percussion.

The album also includes a new recording of ‘My Only Inspiration’, an Electric Pop Group favorite that first appeared on the ‘Matinée Hit Parade’ compilation in 2007, while ‘Into Thin Air’ features more chiming guitars and melodies-a-plenty and  ‘We Never Made Up Our Minds’ is an especially beautiful, orchestral number.

An outstanding new entry to the Matinée discography, ‘Seconds’ is glistening jangle pop genius perfect for fans of Brighter, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The Field Mice or Harper Lee.

1. Not By Another
2. Out Of Sight
3. I Know I Will
4. Drawing Lines
5. My Only Inspiration
6. In The Back Of My Mind
7. The Way It Used To Do
8. Into Thin Air
9. We Never Made Up Our Minds
10. The Best Of Times

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