Clive Wright - Live Ambient 2: Starjam Beta, les Nuages de Paris

Desert Sky Music
(DSR009: 884502962673)
Release date: 01/11/2011
Genre: Ambient

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Clive Wright is an artist quickly gaining recognition and respect within the World of ambient music and electronica. After three collaborative albums with the legendary Harold Budd, Clive has quickly released two live performance records, the first of which, Taqsim to Antlia is receiving formidable accolades from the music press and has placed him decisively amongst the genre's elite. A review from Daggerzine called it "One of the most beautiful, most restful albums of 2010. A quiet masterpiece." The Webzine Textura, compared his work to that of Robert Fripp and Brian Eno. A comparison made frequently by the press regarding his work with Harold Budd. Erasing Clouds reviewer Dave Beaton observes: "This music could never sound tired. It’s the quiet energy pulsing through Wright’s patient playing. It sounds like he’s watching the sky, playing what it makes him feel."

As is the case with Clive Wright's previous album Taqsim to Antlia, Live Ambient 2 is documenting his live solo ambient guitar and electronic performances and sharing these spontaneous moments as live recordings. As with Taqsim this album, Live Ambient 2, is for the greater part, a continuous performance for an experimental outdoor astronomical event entitled 'Star Jam Beta'. Clive's music provides a live musical score for the live images of deep space, which were simultaneously projected on cinema sized screens during the performance.

Again Clive conveys an unmistakable presence of the Stars and Galaxies with his richly textured tapestry of sound. Even elements of wild energetic chaos appear during 'When Galaxies Collide' provides a departure from the gentle anamorphic ambiance of the other musical moments of this concert.

Unlike Taqsim to Antlia with 'Live Ambient 2 ' Clive employs pre-recorded backing tracks for 3 of the 6 Star Jam tracks, these also feature percussion, and they enable him to feature an acoustic instrument, on 'Altair', in this case a Turkish Oud.

This event was sponsored by the Southern California Desert Video Astronomers. In Joshua Tree on October 10, 2010. it was attended by John Dobson who is acknowledged as the father and pioneer of amateur astronomy.

Following the Star Jam show is a deeply moving track entitled 'Les Nuages de Paris', this was recorded live, without backing, at the Walter N Marks center for the arts, during a public performance December 2nd 2010.

Next is 'Esperanza para el aliento perdido' although this was not performed in public and was recorded in two passes in his home studio, this track is basic and raw, it features some poignant gut string acoustic guitar from wright and has a melancholic yet hopeful feel to it ,as reflected in its title. Closing the album is 'Prime Creator' a mesmerizing and serene loop created at a rehearsal for a birthday concert for the Indian spiritual teacher Amma.

Clive Wright will be releasing a solo studio album spring 2011. Born in England, he is historically known as the original member and guitarist for the platinum selling, 80s pop rock band Cock Robin. He has also written and produced with R&B artists Montel Jordan and the Black Eyed Peas.

Clive Wright plays all instruments on this album, electric guitar, guitar synthesizer , oud. and percussion and keyboard on 3 pre programmed tracks 'Altair' 'Inanna' and 'Star Jam (When Galaxies Collide)'.

1. Peaceful Star Field
2. Altair
3. Inanna
4. Journey of Light
5. Swan Nebula
6. Starjam (When Galaxies Collide)
7. Les Nuages de Paris
8. Esperanza para el aliento perdido
9. Prime Creator

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