Photon Band - Our Own ESP Driven Scene: Singles, Comps. & Outtakes 1995-2000

(DRL106: 708527010624)

Our Own ESP Driven Scene contains 18 tracks, over 66 minutes, of singles A sides, compilation tracks, three remixed tracks and three previously unreleased tracks. All essential, hi-fi, Photon Band singles and compilation tracks have been included. ESP comes right on the heels of their second full length Oh, the Sweet, Sweet Changes. The Photon Band always deliver satisfaction in the The Jam, Kinks and The Who department. This release contains some of The Photon Band’s best work. Many tracks have only been available previously on 7” vinyl. All material has been re-mastered by Kyle Statham of Matador recording artists Fuck fame at his Black Eyed Pig Studio in San Francisco. Track notes give the listener insight into the group’s psyche and tell the story of their five year evolution. Photon creator Art Difuria formerly played guitar as a key member of The Lilys and Brother JT & Vibrolux. Art now attends The University of Delaware where he’s finishing his PHD in Art History. Look for much more from The Photon Band in 2001. Join The Weird Panthers today. “Each track comes packed full of great hooks that harken back to UK mod revivalists like The Jam and 60s originators like the Kinks and The Who. An impeccable sense of style and high energy delivery gives the band a foot up on many contemporary pop revivalists.” -- Exclaim! “Innocent 60s melodicism in front of 90s indie-punk energy…capturing the spirit of another time and making it relevant to a modern audience... A diamond in the rough.” -- Magnet Track listing: Sitting on the Sunn, Supertard, I Don't Need to Be Told, Rise Above, I Understand, Commercial for Taking Drugs, It To Get (Bike Mix), 747 (Don't Worry), The Darkest Hour, Broken Melody, You Can Never Really Have Too Much Wine, End of the Century #2, Little Mind, Would You Believe, Saturn Returns, The Magic Word, See What I See, Here Comes Some Changes. "El presente recopilatorio recoge toda la mercancía melódica que los norteamericanos PHOTON BAND han ido perdiendo por innumerables singles y recopilatorios, todo ello bien explicado y detallado en las notas interiores del disco. Dieciocho temas en total, remasterizados para la ocasión por Kyle Statham de ****, entre los que se incluyen tres temas inéditos y alguna que otra remezcla distinta a la original, que exponen con certera honestidad el cruce entre la nostalgia de los sesenta, el revival del ocaso de los setenta vía The Jam y el movimiento indie-rock de los noventa.Todo bien sazonado, atinado en numerosas ocasiones aunque dispersos y descentrados (a la manera de Sebadoh) en algunos otros momentos. Descartando esas boutades, PHOTON BAND destacan en ese revivalismo centelleante desde el lo-fi y los límites de la precariedad, canciones que saben jugosas cuanto más concretas ("See what i see", "The magic word", "747 (dont worry)") y que a veces destacan por cierta inclinación hacia la energía indie-punk o el poso armónico de Teenage Funclub. Como un cruce de estilos bien cosido pero poco pulido, PHOTON BAND llama la atención como diamante en bruto que deberá, posiblemente en este 2.001, certificar su valía con un álbum completo, con peso y sabor propio." - jesus castillo, PHOTON BAND / Our Own ESP Driven Scene CD (10/19/01) Lemme run a theory by ya: each generation attempts to replicate in its music the sounds it heard in childhood. Thus, punk's revival of the short-n-simple ethic of Sixties hits; thus, post-punks' merging of soul, funk and glam with punk; thus, the eight-track epigones of grunge. Thus, the lo-fi movement. Remember AM radio? How you'd be listening to Curtis Mayfield or ELO or Jim Croce, and there'd be static or interference from another station or mystrious sounds from the ether? This tussle between pop and noise became an aesthetic for bands such as the Grifters, Pavement and the Swirlies, who were young enough to be part of Gen DIY, but old enough to have grown up on AM Top Forty. Lo-fi was sugar full of bugs - sweet and sparkly, but larded with buzz and scramble. Art Di Furia and his Photon Band are a perfect example. Sub-titled "Singles, Comps and Outtakes '95-'OO," these eighteen tracks showcase a wonderful pop sensibility wed to a love of hiss. The early songs, like the tough-guy pout of "I Understand" or the chuggin', fruggin' "It to Get," sound like a lovelom fistfight between Unwound and the Hollies, while the later material is a K-tel compilation from an alternate universe where the Seventies didn't suck. Dig the acid-country twang of "Little Mind," the Eagles-ish dirge, "747," the surging swirl of "Would You Believe" or the stone perfect "Broken Melody," a song Neil Sedaka woulda given his left nad to record. I wore out my cd player spinning this, it's that addictive. -- Bill Widener / Ace Weekly, Lexington, KY, USA.

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