Corky Carroll - A Surfer for President

(DRL310-3: 708527031322)
Release date: 1980
Genre: Rock, Pop

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Darla Records is proud to present A Surfer for President, the surf rock cult classic originally released in 1979 on Corky Carroll's own Casual Tuna Records. Corky Carroll, who has been a showman since he began surfing professionally at 16, started his career playing music at 24 and retired from a career in professional surfing with the highest honors. Corky was put on salary by Hobie Surfboards in 1964 to become the first full time professional surfer. He won the first-ever cash-prize surfing event in 1965 and would go on to be a five-time US Surfing Champion 1966-70. His favorite achievement though, is winning Surfer Magazine's 1968 Surfer's Poll Award in which he was voted Best Surfer in the World by fans and peers.

Corky Carroll has made a dozen or so records (so far), both self-released and with backing, beginning with the lovely Hawaiiana/Californiana/Surfiana cultural artifact, Laid Back, 1971. Corky's most popular album, A Surfer for President, 1979, promoted his "fun little campaign" for POTUS - a classic Corky lark, which resulted in "more votes than most people thought possible".
The single "Tan Punks on Boards" from A Surfer for President achieved gold record status - 500,000 units sold.

Corky Carroll lives with his wife, Raquel, on the beach at La Saladita, Guerero, Mexico. He records at home, surfs the world-class, reverse Malibu, 100+ yard long wave in 80 degree water every day, hosts happy surfing guests at his awesome home right on the sand and writes a hugely popular, twice weekly column for the OC Register. 

A Surfer for President (Jerry Waller) 2:03
Tracks of Capistrano (Corky Carroll) 2:52
Death by Disco (Corky Carroll) 1:53
A Casual Look (Ed Wells) 2:14
Semi Gunn (Henry Mancini) 3:06
Tan Punks on Boards (Corky Carroll, Chris Darrow) 2:50
From Pizza Towers to Defeat (Frizz Fuller) 3:01
Jungle Morning (Corky Carroll, Gabriel Wisdom) 3:37
T-Town Saturday Night (Frizz Fuller) 2:38
Late Great California Blues (Robert Johnson, arr. Corky Carroll) 1:48
Pipeline 2000 (Bob Spickard, Brian Carmen) 2:40
Sparkle Eyes (Corky Carroll) 2:58
City of Fallen Angels (Corky Carroll) 5:06
Cruzin' for Love (Corky Carroll) 2:56
Mongo Joe (Corky Carroll) 3:47

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