Sweet Trip - Alura

(DRL085-2: 708527008522)
Release date: 08/17/1999
Genre: Electronic, Shoegaze, Dreampop

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1. Alura, 2. Palomar, Your Shadow is the Sun, 3. Serniga, 4. Kate

Alura is more dance-oriented and instrumental than Halica or Fish; perfect for dj's and the dancefloor, or for an urban spacewalk in your headphones. This is Sweet Trip's party record. The Alura EP shows Sweet Trip's more electronic side, exemplifying the talents of songwriter and programmer Roberto Burgos as a producer. As you may have already heard from Roby's remixes for TAKAKO MINEKAWA, JUNIOR VARSITY KM, and GNAC in the past year, Roby works as naturally with his sampler as he does with a guitar or a keyboard, utilizing its full potential as another musical instrument. Roby playfully uses tricky yet uncomplicated beats and breaks, pulsating 808's and 909's, accelerating hi-hat patterns, bright analog bleeps, and colorful textures often held together by a solid foundation of deep, deep sub bass lines. Bouncing between different electronic soundscapes, from minimal electro to cool breaks, these new tracks comprise an EP that is full of fat analog riffs, infectious rhythms, bright and uplifting melodies, jazzy organ stabs, funky basslines, groovy vibes. The title track, "Alura", blends Miami bass-style grooves and nerve-damaging sub-bass with sweet synth notes and tones and the fattest analog lead sound in the whole Darla catalog. "Palomar" is an electro-like little trip; bright and uplifting as "Alura", but with an organic, jazzy, downtempo feel highlighted by a very tricky, chopped up, head-bobbing breakdown that calls for some serious rhyme time. Unexpectedly, the ending grabs you down into a pleasant coma with a beautiful ambient backdrop, more typical of the most blissed out of the Bliss Out series. "Serniga" is an elegant booty shaking tech-house tune on the Basement Jaxx, Swayzak tip, with a very funky disco bassline and homemade analog percussion and sounds. Very textural and deep, moody and trancy, sexy! "Kate" (*CD bonus track) delivers distorted drum machine programming and soul expanding synth washes and bell tones, reminiscent of mid-90s ambient techno like Aphex Twin and U-ziq. This track was constructed on a four-track with just a beatbox and a Roland Juno 6 analog synthesizer way back in the days...! There is absolutely nothing like San Francisco's indie electronic band SWEET TRIP. Roby, Valerie and Viet a.k.a. Megatron, Valtron and Voltron not only blend drum 'n' bass and techno with blissed out, ethereal Fender guitar, sensuous female vocals and spectacular melodies; they concoct a rich blend of Asian and Latin beats and bass lines that pleasantly sooth and hypnotize you like a boquet of exotic flavors and sound sensations in a mix you've never experienced before. It's like Buddhist temple incense, fresh Vietnamese cuisine and steamy latin romance for your ears. Roby is , from Panama, Valerie is Filipino, one fourth Chinese, part Spanish. Viet is... take a guess. The musical concoction is distinctly SWEET TRIP and nothing else. Have a listen and fall in love with this wonderfully unique group. -- ROBERTO a.k.a. ROBY, teams up with HIMSELF a.k.a. THE MUSHROOM. -- Electronic bliss, may cause spontaneous dancing or poplocking, solid bass-bins recommended!

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