Mike Randle - Rough Mixes & Demos Pyxis, Vol. 1

Chapple Design
(DCD008: 708527200261/DCD008-3)

Release date: 7/10/2020

1. How Do I Get Close?
2. You Let Me Down
4. Moana's Town
5. Miss Loucifer
6. Wait for You
7. Twenty Years 

Rough Mixes & Demo Pyxis, Vol.1, Mike Randle’s third solo record in 20 years (and his first since 2004’s Barstool Blues), is a sort of ‘family’ of songs composed of 4 studio recordings and 3 home studio demos.  The 4 studio cuts are produced, engineered and (rough) mixed by Steve Refling (Stew, The Mockers, Evie Sands, Derek Anderson) and the demos are given the business by Mr. Randle himself.  With the exception of drums on the 4 studio recordings, Mike Randle plays drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and sings on everything.

The album begins with yearning, a meditation on how few can get their head around what to do when someone close becomes distant, and the choice of confrontation or indifference.  Nice piano work and a nasty fuzz solo rounds this tune out.   The album then enters territory consisting of betrayal, revenge and a wild Costa Rican party girl.   The bridge in “Miss Loucifer” is melodic paranoia at its best, including a short bass guitar run - a tribute to Kinks’ and Zombies’ bassist, Jim Rodford (RIP).  The album is rounded out by two songs that couldn’t be more opposite: one is about having undying love and dedication, and the other is acknowledgment and acceptance of the past being what it is and where it is.  The last line of this record asks, “Do you think we’ll still be here in twenty years?”

Randle, in case you didn’t know, was lead guitarist for Arthur Lee (LOVE) from 1993 until Lee’s passing in 2006, and Baby Lemonade (1992 - present).  Santa Monica’s favorite son spent 2017 and 2018 making this record and now it’s here.  Rejoice!

"Mike Randle somehow brings Todd Rundgren and Prince to a gun fight against Billy Joel and 80’s New Wave, with Shuggie Otis and Elvist Costello left to clean up the mess and turn the lights out." - Steve Dallas, Two Bit Banjo Newsletter

"This music swings from perfect radio pop music to ‘Alex Chiltonesque’ car wreck demo fun." - Frank D’Angeleo, Village New Press

“Hammond organs, Thin Lizzy harmony guitars, Abbey Road-era fuzz tones, solid songwriting, honest singing and thoughtful lyrics.  My ‘go-to’ CD at the moment.” - Herbie Temple, New Music Toronto

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