Auburn Lull - Alone I Admire

(DRL122: 708527012222)
Release date: 02/14/1999
Genre: Ambient, Shoegaze

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1. Stockard Drive, 2. Desert, 3. Old Mission, 4. Blur My Thoughts Again, 5. Early Evening Reverie, 6. The Last Beat, 7. Tidal, 8. Between Trains, 9. Finland Station, 10. Untitled

Their classic debut. Originally released March, 1999 on Burnt Hair Records. Reissued by Darla 2/11/02. This is their classic ambient/ethereal masterpiece produced by Andrew Prinz of Mahogany.

Auburn Lull are from Lansing, MI. Like fellow Michiganders Windy & Carl and Asha Vida, Auburn Lull create lush space-rock and ethereal, Brian Eno-inspired soundscapes. Despite the fact that the once-thriving Michigan space-rock scene has all but faded out Auburn Lull continue to evolve their brand of technicolor sound steadily attracting critical acclaim and an ever-growing fan base.

Auburn Lull was formed in Lansing, MI in 1994 by Jason Kolb (guitars), Eli Wekenmen (guitars), Sean Heenan (guitars, vocals), and Jason Weisinger (drums). The band instantly became associated with other like-minded bands from south-east MI, particularly Mahogany, with whom they released The Dual Group EP in 1997. Jason Kolb began playing guitar at live shows for Mahogany and in 1999 Mahogany's Andrew Prinz produced Auburn Lull's debut full-length, Alone I Admire. -- Dale Nicholls, All Music Guide

It's a cliché, one supposes, to cite a band's power of evocation as its primary calling card; music's supposed to inspire. But of course, blueprint-following riffraff comprise the mainstream. Not so Auburn Lull, whose lovingly stroked guitar chords echo and shimmer, keyboard tapestries unfurl, sweetly humming cellos layer deep textures, and choir-like vocals joyfully swell as if to meet the challenge of an impending celebration. A post-Shoegaze outfit on Burnt Hair (the well-known Michigan spacerock label), Auburn Lull summons the spirits of the mind at a precise moment in modern times when evocative artists are in desperately short supply. For that matter, the group stitches together daydreams within which those spirits can traipse. -- Fred Mills

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