Aberdeen - It Was The Rain: Lost Recordings 1993-1995

Usedbinpop Music
(UPBCD001: 715875240597/UBP018-4: 708527006368)

Available on Compact Disc for the first time ever. 16 songs previously unavailable on CD. Features new artwork, full liner notes, in collectors polybag, limited edition.

• Four track recordings 1993-1995 (including the Sarah demos)
• 16 unreleased recordings
• 2 songs never recorded subsequently
• Featuring a revisited collaboration with Adam Hervey of Timonium
• Restored, mixed and mastered from original cassette sources
• Available on limited edition Compact Disc and Cassette Tape

"As good if not better than the stuff released on Sarah. Truly beautiful songs!" -Wally Salem, The Beautiful Music

"In a way, the compilation marks the end of a story. . . It Was The Rain is a true celebration of one of the founding bands of the genre we all love so dearly now." (Aberdeen It Was The Rain 8/10) - Third Outing

"To me these recordings sound as good as the records released which makes me wonder how many other lost recordings that Girgus is sitting on?" - Tim Hinley, Dagger Zine

1. Bilinda 2. Snowball Dream 3. Sink or Float 4. Byron 5. Baby Honey 6. Super Sunny Summer 7. Snapdragon 8. When It Doesn't Matter Anymore 9. Fran 10. I Think I'm Falling 11. Fireworks 12. In My Sleep 13. Toy Tambourine 14. Clouds Like These 15. That Cave... That Moon 16. Baby Honey (Version 1) 17. Byron (Version 1. 18. Self Evidence (With Adam Hervey of Timonium) 19. Self Evidence (With Adam Hervey of Timonium: Alternate Version.

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