Bruce Gilbert, Graham Lewis and Russell Mills - Mzui

(BOU6602: 5024545227420)

Mzui is an installation soundtrack by Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis (of Wire) and artist Russell Mills, originally staged at the Waterloo Gallery (London) in August 1981.

Digitally remastered for CD, the booklet features archive images and detailed liner notes by Wire biographer Kevin Eden.

CD tracklist:

1. Mzui


"The experiment features two pieces, the first a farrago of urban, interior scrapes and groans, the second, more successful piece an extended, serrated but gracefully turned ambient drone. Four stars" (Uncut, 06/2003)

"The two extended tracks are far from formless, the first building to a crescendo like it's been invaded by little toddler tribes from Lord of the Flies, while the fairground wheeze of the section remains curiously laptop friendly. Sensational" Glasgow Herald, 04/2003)

"Nicely provocative stuff, not too dissimilar to Eno's early ambient albums lone On Land or even Music for Airports, or perhaps bits of the Aphex Twin's bizarre back catalogue. All sorts of strange, orchestral possibilities emerge" (Whisperin' & Hollerin', 04/2003)

"An important re-release. Spaces expand, only to dramatically shrink and close in ominously on the listener" (Sonomu, 06/2003)

"There's a ritual quality at times. The tapes lend a subtle, ghostly colouring that hovers delicately in places. Others present harsher, brighter textures. Mzui is a major landmark on a journey to a more expanded and exploratory form of listening, and in many ways it's Dome's finest hour" (The Wire, 01/2003)

"An important re-release. Overall Mzui is a harrowing experience, and certainly something of a landmark in site-specific aural landscaping" (Sononet, 07/2003)

"It can challenge and disturb, present a whole new perspective on the too-familiar music works routine" (NME, 1981)

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