Figurine - Reconfigurine

Blackbean & Placenta Tape Club
(BBP345: 708527934524)
Release date: 08/13/2002
Genre: Electronic, Indie Pop

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Every track from Figurine's debut album Transportation + Communication = Love was remixed, then digitally mixed together by David Figurine into a seamless reconfigured flow with two tracks added: "City 2 City" and "Outro".

Reconfigurine is like a snapshot of the Darla Y2K electronic music family. Features Jimmy Figurine pre-The Postal Service, Dntel. Figurine's popular first album was remixed by David Figurine and artists who had records out on Darla or appeared on the Various Artists Little Darla has a Treat for You compilation series at least: Flowchart, Technicolor, Steward, Mall, Pacifica, Printed Circuit, Accelera Deck. Extended family: Double Agent, ckid, DJ Blank, Phasmid.

1. F>I>G>U>R>I>N>E> Remix – Figurine
2. I Wait For You By The Telephone Remix – Pacifica
3. Eurodiscotheque Remix – Technicolor
4. My First UFO Remix – Ckid
5. You Remix – David Figurine
6. Tired Eyes Remix – DJ Blank
7. International Space Station Remix – David Figurine
8. City 2 City
9. S.O.S. Remix – Double Agent
10. Batteries (Can't Help Me Now) Remix – Mall
11. The European Beauty Remix – Phasmid
12. ROBOTS 2002 Remix – Figurine
13. New Mate Remix – Steward
14. New Millenium Song Remix – Flowchart
15. An Electronic Address Remix – Printed Circuit
16. Digits Remix – Accelera Deck

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