Boyracer - Punker Than You Since '92

(555CD73: 708527167328)

DOUBLE ‘BEST OF’ 75 SONG RETROSPECTIVE. Since the early 1990s Boyracer have existed around the singular pop visions of Stewart Anderson. Armed with a selection of fuzzboxes and a carefree revolving door line up, Boyracer have been carefully crafting their buzzsaw assault, shaving seconds off frantic slithers of adrenaline punk-pop. Noted recordings on numerous indie-cred labels such as Sarah Records and Slumberland, and brutally honest sweaty live performances have cemented Boyracer’s place in global indiedom as influential stalwarts of the genre. This double disc set, on the band's own 555 Recordings label, features 75 selections from their exhaustive back catalogue. The tracks chosen (by Stewart) span the band's global history from Leeds, UK to Flagstaff, Arizona, via stints in Japan and Australia. Forever embracing the DIY ethic to excess, Boyracer are known for their completists nightmare of a back catalogue, (with nearly 500 songs on commercially available releases to date). “Punker Than You Since ‘92” includes much of the band's best known and strongest material coupled with long out of print tracks, (including the impossible to find debut 7" unavailable anywhere since it's release in 1992). There are tracks from strictly limited releases too, such as 2005’s lathe cut 10" LP (which was a pressing of 75 copies worldwide). The compilation is a welcome round-up for diehards, a chance to fill in some gaps for the casual observer, and is also a perfect introduction for the new and curious to one of indiepop’s longest standing and respected bands.

Disc One 2001-2006: 1. A History Of Snakes, 2. They're Making Money Off You, 3. Who Pissed On Yr Bonfire?, 4. 2nd Hand Youth, 5. 9 To 5 Style, 6. Lou And Ged, 7. 90s Are Thru, 8. On Bleached Grass, 9. Sarah And Sarah, 10. (It Just Fell Down The) Back Of A Fridge, 11. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Harder, 12. Everyday Is Saturday Night, 13. Pop Holiday, 14. You've Squandered Yr Talents, 15. Billy Three, 16. Concede, 17. Ghosts In Japan, 18. Words Are Yr Currency, 19. Warmest Hours, 20. Tell Me Where My Hands Should Go, 21. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait, 22. Thought Even More Of You When You Told Me You Wanted Me Dead, 23. Louise, 24. Where To Place Yr Trust, 25. Yr Static Flame, 26. It's A Long Way To Go To Loose More Than Loose Change, 27. Fool Around, 28. We Have Such Gifts, 29. Temper, 30. The Sadness In You, 31. That Boy Yr With Is A Dick, 32. Stars And Car Parks, 33. Wholly Generic, 34. A Chipped Tooth And Greasy Fingers, 35. Secret Jokes , 36. We Are Pure Chrome, 37. The Man The Myth, 38. Temp, 39. Vinegar Evenings, 40. How Many Cars Can You Fit In Yr Garage?, 41. Toilets Of Northern Europe, 42. A Punch Up The Bracket, 43. Carefull What You Wish For, 44. When I Was A Blonde And You A Brunette, 45. Now I Have Everything.

Disc Two 1991-1996: 1. Doorframe, 2. Turquiose Mood, 3. Yr Breaking His Heart, 4. Black Fantastic Splitting, 5. Yr Unspoken Desires, 6. Beautiful Lines, 7. Ive Got It And Its Not Worth Having, 8. West Riding House, 9. Twisted Love, 10. Tested, 11. Re-Run, 12. Buffalo, 13. Boyracer, 14. He Gets Me So Hard, 15. Talk Of Aching, 16. Goblin, 17. Meadowhall, 18. Patric Walker, 19. Untouched By Conversation, 20. E.J.K, 21. Passionflower, 22. Denatured, 23. Naked, 24. Two, 25. Blazing Fruit, 26. Boxing Day, 27. Wanting For All The Wrong Reasons, 28. Snowly, 29. Michael, 30. Railway.

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