Brian Grainger - Eight Thousander

(ATT015: 708527111529)

1. Drowned 01:57
2. Whitecaps 03:29
3. Oceanic 07:32
4. Above The Sky 03:23
5. A Soft White Chamber 12:58
6. Lost In The Woods 04:13
7. Wind Calmly Bends Our Hair 03:28
8. Retuned Minor 08:15

The first 50 customers who order "Eight Thousander" will receive a free limited cdr of Brian's newly recorded e.p. "Clover Farm". Attacknine Records is proud to present Brian Grainger's debut solo release "Eight Thousander". The first solo release from Brian Grainger (Milieu, Free Festival, VCV) comes in the form of another set of eight warm, blissed-out pieces. Completely improvised on guitar and organ with no overdubs, Eight Thousander is a hazy, crackly record that evokes thoughts of a mountain hike towards the end of the Summer. Melodic guitars overlap with still-life organs in an aged collage wrapped with brittle paper – the sound that Brian's music has come to be known for. Brian currently resides in South Carolina and jointly runs the Second Sun Recordings label with David Tagg. Track List: 1. Drowned, 2. Whitecaps, 3. Oceanic, 4. Above the Sky, 5. A Soft White Chamber, 6. Lost in the Woods, 7. Wind Calmly Bends Our Hair, 8. Retuned Minor

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