Walk With The Penguin - Charm

(amorfon017: 4562144180179)
Release date: 10/27/2017
Genre: Alternative

Evocative of 80s New Wave.

Second album of Walk With The Penguin by a Japanese steelpanist Yoshio Machida and Serbian artists (ex. Cinc). The 1st album was regarded as “postrocktronica” (Terrascope), “Cocorosie kind of home made fun”(Folkpop reviews), “spring in your step”(Delusions of Adequacy). This 2nd album has more New Wave feeling. Recorded in Belgrade and Tokyo between March and July. Respected to spirit of some cool Yugoslavian New Wave band in 80s like Film, Aerodrom, Idoli, Paraf, etc, the sound changed to more rock beat music comparing to 1st album. Based on New Wave beat, tastes from various kind of music are combined; acoustic, funk, synthpop, poetry reading… Worked with talented guest musicians: Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (Jim O’Rourke band), Paranel (cool Japanese rapper), Misha (New York based artist, Tomlab), etc.
With beautiful Steelpan melody (tr1), impression of sensitive guitar sound (tr2), transparent and silky female vocal (tr3), bright funk with a Japanese rapper (tr7), cover song of New Order (tr11), New Wave bossa (tr12), cheerful banjo sound (tr14), sweet Jap & Eng lyric song feat. Misha(tr16)… 

Includes warm and nostalgic illustration booklet by Djordje Ilic (Vo, G).

1. Moment
2. Knap
3. Nasi Momci Ne Znaju
4. Signal
5. Short Poems
6. Sarm
7. Happiness
8. I Want You
9. Sta Da?
10. Dream
11. Regret
12. Everything
13. Literally
14. At the Market at 2:30
15. Zak
16. Futatsu
Total  53:00

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