Sirom - I

(amorfon015: 4562144187155)
Release date: 10/27/2017
Genre: Alternative, Experimental

Steve Reich meets World Music.

Slovenia, a country that is located in the western part of Balkan and also has borders with Austria and Italy. It’s a place that western music and eastern music have crossed in the history. Now past music and contemporary music  also crossed here, it’s Sirom. Ensemble by hand-made instruments: strings, xylophones and percussions. Like The Necks or Richard Skelton, it is acoustic sound that is featured sound characteristic of each instruments. Without editing and over dubbing, it was recorded at one time. 3 Members play several instruments changing them during performance,  composed part and improvised part crossed very well. Deep sounding like Arvo Part(tr1), dynamic changing and impressive violin(tr2), beautiful xylophone sound(tr3), colorful poly-rhythm(tr4), emotional vibration of strings(tr5.)

1. The Lonesome Has to Scent 5:38
2. A Passage of Light on Return 15:38
3. Trilogy 17:55
4. Roar's Soft Steps 7:29
5. Tomorrow, Each Day is a New Day 2:12
Total 48:49

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