American Patchwork
(AMPATCH015: 708527001776)

Release date: 5/27/2014

1. The Shepherd, 2. Jesus was a Loser, 3. Shoot the Planet, 4. Little Winners, 5. Buttfuckistan, 6. Yes, 7. The Baobab Tree, 8. Wombwhip, 9. Hygiene, 10. The Boring Friend, 11. The Pasha, 12. The Shape of a Pear, 13. Charles the Lobster Man, 14. Decembers

Momus and David McClymont are two Scots living far from their homeland (which happens to be deciding whether to become a fully-fledged nation this year). Two is their second LP collaboration, and this time the pair (Momus in Osaka and McClymont in Melbourne) have wrapped hard-hitting political lyrics around a handmade, ethnic sound. Both emerged from Scotland's Postcard Records scene (McClymont was in Orange Juice, Momus worked with ex-members of Josef K), and the pair share a strong work ethic and radical views... including a firm "YES!" to independence for Scotland! The songs would typically begin in Melbourne in David McClymont's home studio, then get vocals, new arrangements and "scratch videos" added in Osaka. Although the sound is less obviously 80s-retro than the sequencer dance music of MomusMcClymont 1, Two takes its cue as much from 1980s World Music as 1960s ethnomusicological psychedelia; the record runs an eclectic gamut from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts to Syd Barrett.

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